Fibreglass Mat Tape (Slit Matt)


This fibreglass mat tape is ideally suited to reinforce the seams, corners, or edges of larger parts. When used with subsequent layers, this torn rather than cut material creates a stronger bond. Mat Tape is called tape only for its width and appearance. It is not adhesive backed. This material contains a binder that holds it together and prevents proper bonding with resins.

PLEASE NOTE: it is only compatible with polyester or vinyl ester resins.

For applications requiring a wider format, use Chopped Strand Mat.

Features include: 

  • Superior mechanical properties and resin compatibility
  • Exceptional roll density for fewer roll changes and reduced handling.
  • Excellent weight uniformity allows consistent part quality.
  • Superb dry handling enhances productivity and reduces material losses during cutting and piece manipulation.
  • High wet tensile strength for pre-wetting processes; easier placement and adjustment allowing for enhanced molding productivity and reduced costs.
  • Fine strand and superior chemistry minimizes print-through, resulting in attractive surface finishes with excellent laminate clarity.

1.5oz Slit Matt Tape is available in the following sizes:  

1.5oz Slit Matt Tape
Roll 12404 4" $44.64
Roll 12406 6"  $66.96
Roll 12408 8" $83.70
Roll 12410 10" $106.02
Roll 12412 12" $128.34




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